Professional Driveway Cleaning

Are you tired of seeing tire marks, moss, mold, algae and dirt on your driveway?

As we all know, the driveway of a home is the one exterior surface with the most traffic compared to other surfaces as cars drive in and out of it and park on it, these factors along with weather effects and other stains that grow on the driveway surface makes it the most vulnerable of all and can rapidly age.


Hiring a professional pressure washing business can keep your driveway clean and your curb appeal bright. Sonic Wash LLC offers professional driveway pressure washing across Sacramento County and Placer County, but why would you choose us ? let us tell you why!

- Long lasting effect : When you hire a professional pressure washing business, you expect results that are long lasting. with our treatment before, during, and after the pressure washing procedure your surfaces will be cleaner for eight to ten months longer than just using a pressure washer. Our treatment procedure continues to fight organic growth long after the service is done.

- Steam Cleaning Capabilities: Our machines come equipped with a burner, this allows us to steam clean at a 220 degree Fahrenheit and can tackle oil stains and provide a much better results than using a cold water pressure washer

- Boosts You Curb Appeal : To keep the value the value of your home and prevent the surfaces from damage you need to keep it clean. If you are thinking of selling your home soon, a clean patio plays a big role in how buyers look at your home and their decision making.

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