Patio Pressure Washing

Mold, mildew, algae, and moss are constantly growing on your patio concrete, these organic stains affect the appeal of your patio and gets imbedded in your house exterior surfaces. These stains not only affect the look of your property but they also negatively impact the value of your home.

Sonic Wash LLC offers patio cleaning services, with our environmentally friendly treatment we can eliminate all organic growth and bring your surfaces back to life. Here are some of the benefits of getting your patio cleaned and serviced by us:

- Long lasting effect: When you hire a professional pressure washing business, you expect results that are long lasting. with our treatment before, during, and after the pressure washing procedure your surfaces will be cleaner for eight to ten months longer than just using a pressure washer. Our treatment procedure continues to fight organic growth long after the service is done.

- Revive your patio: Our patio pressure washing method can bring your patio surfaces back to life, it will brighten your patio and gives it the look it deserve. 

- Boosts You Curb Appeal: To keep the value the value of your home and prevent the surfaces from damage you need to keep it clean. If you are thinking of selling your home soon, a clean patio plays a big role in how buyers look at your home and their decision making.

- Remove Harmful Elements: Algae, mildew, moss, and mold are stains that are commonly growing on patio surfaces and can cause allergies to people who live in your home, eliminating these stains can improve the wellness of everyone in your home.

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